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Magdalena Julita Byra

I am a “Heal Your Life” workshop leader, Reiki practitioner, and author. Living in Poland, I discovered the truth about how life really works. I had spent many years in a toxic relationship, and one day, I stood up for myself. It was the last call. I found strength and freed myself, trusting that life would support me and my son so that I could start the journey to rediscovering myself, regaining my health, and finding my life purpose.

I started shaping my life anew. Thanks to that, I have discovered that life is really good, supportive, and wants us to continue to evolve.  After many years of development, I found my calling and came to the United States to awaken my dormant talents and gifts. I now share the tools and wisdom that were introduced to me to empower and support every woman in her own journey to self-love, rediscovering, healing, expanding, and finding a life purpose.

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