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To be honest, I was very skeptical when Magdalena told me that she will do Reiki to try and help me with my neuropathy. But when you are in pain every single day, you are ready to try everything just to feel better. At the beginning of our session, I didn’t feel anything. Later, it was kind of a warm feeling in some parts of my body. When she finished, I was a little bit dizzy and tired. That night I slept like a baby and didn’t feel any pain. I can’t say that one session cured my neuropathy, but at least I had a good night’s sleep.

— Ella Machowski, Client

“When meeting Magdalena for the first time, my first impression was someone glowing with positive energy, very present, and very easy to talk to. I felt heard from the first moment. I’ve never opened up so much to someone in such a short amount of time. Magdalena always listens very carefully and every conversation is a healing process. She introduced me to Reiki which was a very calming and grounding experience. Magdalena helped me manage my emotional chaos after very traumatic life events. In one month, I was able to achieve, understand, and heal more than I was able to in years of seeing psychologists. I felt I went through a healing and emotional transformation, so I can enjoy my life again with love, peace, and light in my heart. Through our conversations, I finally understood that I am the only person who can heal myself. What matters is how I think, what I really want, and opening and following my heart to achieve it.”

— Malwina Szachniewicz, Client

“I have known Magdalena for many years. She always emanates warmth and kindness. Her presence can bring a lot of joy and what is important is her inner peace.  Recently, my 4 years old daughter, Dagmara, did not feel well.  She was jittery and tearful.  She was  complaining a lot about stomachaches.  All the test results turned out well. The doctors had ignored the problem and my daughter’s well-being was deteriorating. I live in Spain and thanks to the distance Reiki treatment on Dagmara, I found out what really bothered my daughter. We managed to deal with the problem for which I am very grateful to Magdalena. In fact, Magdalena is my guardian angel and I  thank God every day for getting to know such a good and valuable person.”

— Ewelina Glaz, Client

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